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About Us

Our Story

My name is Keith Sarasin and I am the founder of  The Farmers Dinner and I want to share with you my passion.

As a chef, I realized the importance of fresh food, but the reality was most of our food took a 1,500-mile trip before it even reached our plates. I wanted to change that in my own life so I set out to meet with local farmers and chefs to ask why. After a long journey, I arrived at an answer…


Many farmers aren’t aware of the chefs who want their products. Many chefs aren’t aware of the farms that sit just miles from where they are located.

That’s when it occurred to me, why not bring people, farmers, and chefs together to educate, inspire and enjoy really good food. At a Farmers Dinner, you meet local farmers and local chefs in beautiful settings while enjoying fresh from the farm food.

We want to invite you to experience The Farmers Dinner first hand and then you will know why there really is, a story in every bite.

Meet The Team

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