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Baking: The Ultimate Cookbook

Baking: The Ultimate Cookbook by Robert Gonzalez & Dan Crean

Our pastry team Robert Gonzalez and Dan Crean are releasing their first cookbook and we are celebrating all year long at The Farmers Dinner! We cannot be more proud of them and we want YOU to get your very own signed copy.

Baking is a rewarding craft. It is also a demanding one that requires precision and flawless technique. Baking: The Ultimate Cookbook provides everything you need to become a master, featuring over 300 recipes tested and authored by professional pastry chefs, insightful breakdowns of essential techniques and key ingredients, and stunning original photography. Whether you’re trying to perfect a sourdough starter or just eager to soothe a craving for something sweet, Baking: The Ultimate Cookbook ensures you’re always positioned to succeed.

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